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Dustbin was found  in an old cigar box in an attic of a house being cleared out, next to a very old curtain with a large hole in  looking suspiciously like the same material as Dustbin!!!

 Is he destined for the rubbish bag or could you give him a home???

Dustbin was indeed made out of an old curtain, I am not sure whether he is mohair or not. He is just over 5" tall and has one black glass eye and a vintage black button for the other eye. He has a very sparsely embroidered black nose and stick like limbs. He is filled with kapok , with steel shot in his body for a nice heavy feel. I have plucked, shaded, handpainted, waxed, added coloured stitches and nearly crucified poor Dustbin to give him his special character and he wears a rusty old bell around his neck. He is fully cotterpin jointed

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