About Me

  Hello, my name is Jean Grogan and I have been creating miniature bear for the past  22 years or  so.

 My first and only much loved childhood bear went missing during a house move some 20 years   ago. Perhaps it was with him in mind that I began making 'old bears'. I find that each one seems to   take on an identity of his/her own and I never tire of making  them.

 I suppose you could say that my bears never look pristine!! I much prefer the well loved bears full  of character

  I have many different styles of bears. They  all, however, have that 'much loved' feel to them. I  have my version of the soldier bears that were given to soldiers going to war in  WW1 by their   loved ones. I have added Sailor Bears  and The Visitors.   Also, I have been making more and more dogs and other animals including pigs, giraffes, rabbits, elephants, a unicorn, zebra... oh and a few cows, badgers and penguins! Please look in my Gallery  to see past creations. 

 I make bears 7 days a week and almost in my sleep so there are always new bears going on the site! Please add me to your favourites or join my mailing list if you would like to be notified when  new bears go onto my site.

 All my bears are hand  stitched using  materials such as  mohair, viscose, alpaca, and vintage   upholstery velvet . I have become quite obsessed with sourcing out vintage  and unusual fabrics   and love using them to make different bears They are all fully cotter pin  jointed , filled with Kapok and are weighted with steel shot .

Each bear comes with a sewn in label saying Little Scruffs.