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Little Bear
Little BearLittle BearLittle BearLittle BearLittle Bear
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I started making this little bear last year . He/she is made  from a thick suede leather that was almost impossible to turn so I gave up a couple of times. He looked so worried that he had no arms and legs that I had to persevere  and I am glad I did.

She is only 21/2 inches tall, has a cotterpin jointed head and string jointed limbs. See how I am changing from he to she? That is because I can't work out whether it is a boy or girl which is why there is also no name as yet.

Little bear is filled with kapok, with steel shot in his body for added weight. I have added shading , waxing and faux stitches to her for a "well loved" look and she wears a vintage lace ruff around her neck

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