WW1 Soldier Bear Replica


During WW1 many Soldiers took with them a little bear given by their loved ones which had eyes high up on it's head so that he peeped out of their top pockets of their uniforms. 

I started making my version of these bears many years ago and often name them after Soldiers that died during the war. This bear has been left to be named by the new owner.

This Soldier bear is just under 3 & 1/2 inches tall and is made from mohair which I have plucked, shaded , waxed and added faux stitches and a sewn patch on him. He is fully cotterpin jointed and stuffed with Kapok, with tiny  steel discs inside is body for added weight. He comes wearing a red, white and blue sash with a bronze effect "Hope" charm attached to a rust old safety pin.